San Diego State University

Meet the A.C.E. Team

Joseph Villanueva

Dan Bernstein

Erika Serrano

Maryann Dalal

Joseph is looking forward to graduating with Magna Cum Laude from SDSU's Electrical Engineering program. He currently works as a hardware intern in Cubic Transportation Systems. Aside from the majority of his time spent on studying and being Team ACE's Project Manager, he loves working out, spending time with family, and also exploring different craft brews. He would like to give a shout out to his family, friends, and mentors for supporting him throughout his academics.

Dan is grateful for the opportunity of attending SDSU and is looking foward to graduating this spring with a BS of Electrical Engineering. He would like to thank the people that encouraged him to continue the path of obtaining a higher education. When Dan is not busy with school work and being Team ACE's Web Designer, he is a movie enthusiast and enjoys spending time with family, and also likes to watch sports espcially if its an important game like a rivalry game.

Erika is currrently finishing her BS in Electrical Engineering at SDSU. She is highly passionate about technology. When she is not busy studying or being Team ACE's Editor, she enjoys listening to music, making funny videos, and occasionally attending concerts. Erika aspires to work as an Electronics System Engineer in the near future.

Maryann is excited to finish her degree in Computer Engineering this spring. After suffering from the war in Iraq, Maryann is proud that she is finally able to finish her Bachelor’s degree after nine years of studying in three different countries. Maryann currently works as a system engineer trainee for the government. Besides studying or being a budget manager in Team ACE, Maryann is passionate about fashion and likes to travel a lot.

Ryan Torres

Cody Nnamani

Abukar Abdirahim


Ryan came in Fall 2011 and finished Spring 2016. AFROTC cadet, Team ACE's Technical illustration specialist and graduating with a BS in Electrical Engineering. First assignment is Tyndall AFB FL to study to work on missiles for the F-22 Raptors. Highly enjoyed his experience here at SDSU and took advantage of a lot it had to offer like organizations, church communities, intramural sports, on campus jobs, and even wake boarding class! Very thankful for his hard working team, professor John Kennedy, friends, and family for his memorable last year of college.

Cody is very excited to graduate from SDSU's Electrical Engineering program and is motivated for the journey that lies beyond the Aztec Mesa. He currently works as an intern for SPAWAR in the cyber defense division. Aside from his role as Power Point manager for Team ACE, he loves to hoop, shoot pool, and eat as much Pho as possible. He would like to give a humongous shout out to is family, and friends, for they are the real MVP's. He is extremely thankful for his journey at SDSU and his teammates for the hard work they have put in to make ACE possible.

Abu is slated to obtain his Bachelors in Electrical Engineering this Spring 2016 after only four years at San Diego State. He is proud of being the first university graduate in his family, who came to the United States to escape a civil war in East Africa. When not analyzing microelectronic circuits, he enjoys exhilarating adventures involving hiking and cliff diving. He looks forward to traveling the world and spending more time with his family after graduation.

ACE is highly intelligent and capable fire-extinguishing robot. It's a bit hot headed and always ready for a fight! Cruising at a top notch speed of 3 ft/sec, this bad boy can annihilate any obstacle thrown in its way. Check out our competition video to see for yourself!